Xbox Game Pass coming to iOS in 2021


Business Insider said Microsoft will bring the Xbox Game Pass service to the iOS platform. The notable claim is based on a meeting held by Phil Spencer, the number one name on Xbox, on Wednesday.

Microsoft has an impressive subscription service for gamers. This service, called Xbox Game Pass, allows players to access games from various publishers by paying monthly. Gamers; Unfortunately, iOS users could not access this feature, which they can access on Xbox, Windows 10 or Android platforms. However, it seems that Microsoft is working to bring this service to the iOS platform.

According to a report on Business Insider, Xbox number one name Phil Spencer is holding a meeting with his employees on Wednesday. Saying that he wants Xbox Game Pass to come to iPhones and iPads within the scope of this meeting, Spencer demands that a solution be found that will not have any problems despite the harsh conditions of Apple. Allegedly, Microsoft will bring Xbox Game Pass to iPad and iPhone users in 2021 with a browser-based solution.

Apple examines the applications added to the App Store to the finest detail. In this context, we can say that not everyone will publish an application in the App Store. In this context, we all know what Epic Games’ in-game payment system costs Fortnite Mobile. Time will tell what kind of work Microsoft will do in this regard, whether the Xbox Game Pass for iOS will be an app or a different solution will be found.

We just told you that Microsoft is allegedly bringing Xbox Game Pass to iPad and iPhone users with a browser-based solution. This probability seems like a very high probability. Because Apple’s policies do not have any restrictions for browser-based solutions. So with this kind of solution, Microsoft can offer access to games on Xbox Game Pass. However, considering that this solution will also be known by Apple, we should not forget the possibility of Apple taking a new step.

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