Xbox Game Pass Becomes a Ghost Town for Final Fantasy


Xbox Game Pass used to be a treasure trove of Final Fantasy games, but with the departure of Final Fantasy 13 on September 15, only two games will awkwardly remain. These two games are its successors, FF13-2 and Lightning Returns FF13.

Back in 2019, Microsoft and Square Enix announced that 10 major games from the Final Fantasy catalog would appear in the Game Pass. They didn’t come all at once, but over the past few years fans have been able to play the original Final Fantasy 7, FF8, FF9, FF10, FF10-2, FF12, FF13, FF13-2, Lightning Returns and FF15. As is the case with many Xbox Game Pass games, they are gradually disappearing over time, and at the time of this writing, only three are available.

Final Fantasy Is Leaving Xbox Game Pass for Another Service, in Fact

The Final Fantasy 13 trilogy may not be the most popular game in the franchise, but it’s worth playing for any fan. However, if they don’t act quickly or buy the first discounted game, they won’t be able to play the full set of games, at least with the Xbox Game Pass. It is very inconvenient to take FF13-2 without playing the first game, given that this is a direct continuation in which previous events play a huge role. But come September 15th, FF13-2 and Lightning Returns will be the last two Final Fantasy games on the service, and it will become the main ghost house, and only these two will remain out of the original ten.

It is noteworthy, however, that many of these games can be found elsewhere. With the PS Plus level system, fans can access OG Final Fantasy 7 (as well as Remake and Intergrade), FF8 Remastered, FF9, FF10 and 10-2, FF12 and FF15. This means that 7 of the original 10 are now available from a Game Pass competitor, and then some, and it goes without saying that the entire Final Fantasy 13 trilogy will be available on PS Plus one day. In fairness, this is not surprising, given how closely Sony and Square Enix have worked over the past few years.; In fact, the inclusion of Final Fantasy games in the Xbox Game Pass was unexpected.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake was a temporary PlayStation exclusive when it was introduced, and remains so for consoles. Final Fantasy 16 is also exclusive to the PS5, but the word “timed” here is an interesting word choice. This is because, although their exact length is described in detail, as in FF7R, it seems that the goal posts always change for a certain audience. The exclusivity of FF7 Remake should increase, but technically it is not, because the game was launched only on PC, not on Xbox. Console exclusivity is certainly a hot topic in the community right now, and Final Fantasy and Square Enix games in general are one of the reasons why many don’t believe Jim Ryan’s criticism of Activision-Blizzard’s Xbox acquisition, especially regarding Call of Duty.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers receive several games monthly.


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