Xbox Game Pass already has 4 first-day Games Confirmed for July 2022


One of the main advantages of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass subscription service is the fact that it regularly adds new first-day releases for subscribers. These first-day releases include the very first Xbox games that are being released, but they also include some third-party games. As a result, Xbox Game Pass subscribers regularly have a large selection of new games to play all the time.

Microsoft has yet to announce all of the new games coming to Xbox Game Pass in July 2022, but previous announcements have confirmed that at least four of these games will be released on the first day. It’s likely that even more new first-day games will be added to the Xbox Game Pass subscription service next month when all is said and done, but at the moment these are four first-day games that subscribers can look forward to. July.

New Xbox Game Pass Games for July 2022

Far Cry 5 — July 1 Last Call BBS — July 5 Matchpoint Tennis Championships — July 7 As Dusk Falls — July 19 Immortality — July 26

The four first—day Xbox Game Pass games confirmed for July 2022 are Last Call BBS, Matchpoint Tennis Championships, As Dusk Falls and Immortality. After launching on July 5, Last Call BBS will become a PC Game Pass-only game. In it, players interact with a fictional machine called Z5 Powerlance, created by the fictional company Zachtronics. The machine has a lot of its own games for players, so this is a game-within-game situation. Last Call BBS will be an early access game when it hits Game Pass on July 5, so subscribers should keep that in mind.

A couple of days later, on July 7, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to participate in the Matchpoint Tennis Championships tournament, and As Dusk Falls will appear in the Game Pass on July 19. As Dusk Falls is an interactive narrative game with support for cooperative play, in which the course of the story. His striking artistic style has attracted the attention of many since his first appearance, and it will be interesting to see if he lives up to the hype that will appear next month.

And finally, the last game confirmed for Xbox Game Pass in July 2022 is Immortality, the latest from Sam Barlow. “Immortality” is positioned as a more horror experience than Barlow’s previous games, but fans can expect the same FMV gameplay as “Her Story” and “Telling Lies.”

Of course, in July 2022, more games will be added to the Xbox Game Pass, in addition to the releases of the first day. They are not all announced yet, but we know that Far Cry 5 will be one of them, which is scheduled to be added on July 1.