Xbox Game Pass Adds Critically Acclaimed Game until the end of July 2022


Every month, Microsoft adds many games to the Xbox Game Pass subscription service, ranging from old releases to brand new first-day games. July 2022 was no exception to this rule: several new Xbox Game Pass games have been added over the past month. Now the new Xbox Game Pass games for July 2022 have come to an end in the form of one of the most popular indie games in the industry.

The “Xbox Game Pass” is inside. Inside, for those who may be unfamiliar with the game, is the latest project from Playdead, the same studio that released the well-received Limbo. Inside is a side-scrolling puzzle/platformer, with some pretty original gameplay twists, an exciting atmosphere, and a shocking plot development that ties it all together as an absolutely must-have game.

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At the time of release, Inside received rave reviews and is actually one of the highest-rated indie games of all time. Thus, despite the fact that the game has been released since 2016, it is still an incredibly strong addition to the Xbox lineup with the game will pass. Any Xbox Game Pass subscribers who haven’t played the game yet should definitely try it now that they are available to play through the Game Pass.

Apart from the incredible reviews inside that make this game a must-play, it’s also worth noting that it’s a small time investment compared to many other games available through the Walkthrough subscription service. You can get inside in just a few hours, and those who want to complete the game 100% and get all the achievements will not have to spend many more hours on it. However, its short duration is one of its strengths, as it means that there is no filler in the game and it provides consistently high quality from start to finish.

Inside is the latest new Xbox Game Pass for July 2022, but subscribers don’t have to wait that long to check out even more games. While Microsoft has yet to fully reveal new Xbox games are coming for August 2022, previous announcements have confirmed that at least four games will join the lineup. Undoubtedly, more games will be announced in the Xbox One line-up for August 2022, but for now subscribers can count on Turbo Golf Races on August 4, two campuses point on August 9, midnight fight Urgent on August 23 and Sam Barlow Immortality on August 23. August 30.


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