Xbox Game Pass Adds a New First-Day Game


One of the main reasons to subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass is to play first—day games. While the Xbox Game Pass has an impressive library of old games, you’re really recouping your money by playing its brand new first-day releases. This is a reason to celebrate when a new game of the first day is added to the Xbox Game Pass line, and a new game of the first day is available for play from Tuesday, August 9.

Starting today, Xbox Game Pass subscribers are free to play Two Point Campus as much as they want on Xbox consoles, in the cloud and on PC. For the uninitiated, Two Point Campus is a business simulator in which players build and manage their own college campus. Two Point Campus has received mostly positive reviews, so Xbox Game Pass subscribers should definitely take a look at it.

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Two Point Campus is technically the second game in the Two Point simulator series. Its predecessor, Two Point Hospital, offers a similar gameplay, except that it runs a hospital rather than a university. Fortunately, Two Point Hospital is also easily available to play via Xbox Game Pass, so anyone can play both games in the series without paying anything other than a Game Pass subscription fee.

Xbox Game Pass: New Games, August 2022

Ghost Recond Wildlands (cloud/Consoles/PC) — Already available Shenzhen I/O (PC) — already available Turbo Golf Racing (Cloud/PC/Xbox Series X) — now available Cooking Simulator (Cloud/Console/PC) — August 11 Expeditions: Rome (PC) — August 11 Offworld Trading Company (PC) — August 11 Midnight Fight Express (to be specified) — August 23 Immortality (to be specified) — August 30

Two Point Campus is the only new Xbox Game Pass game released on August 9th, but there are other new Game Pass games to be expected later this week. On August 11, three more games will be added to the Game Pass, and Cooking Simulator will join the lineup in the cloud, consoles and PCs. On this day, it will be joined by two PC-only Game Pass games in the form of Expeditions: Rome and Offworld Trading Company.

And while Microsoft has yet to fully unveil all the new Xbox Game Pass games that will appear in the second half of August 2022, previous announcements have told subscribers what to expect. On August 23, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can count on the addition of the game of the first day of Midnight Fight Express, and on August 30 Sam Barlow’s Immortality will join the lineup. Many more new games will be added in the second half of the Xbox Game Pass. from August 2022, although fans will have to wait a bit to find out exactly what they are. The most likely scenario is that Microsoft will announce the rest of the new Xbox Game Pass games for August 2022 early next week.


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