Xbox Game Pass Adds 3 New Games Today


Xbox Game Pass appeared in July, opening the month by adding not one, not two, not three, but only four surprise games to the service. Previously, Last Call BBS was the only game announced for Xbox Game Pass on July 5, but Yakuza 0, Yakuza Kiwami 1, Yakuza Kiwami 2 and Solasta: Crown of the Magister were released on the Game Pass service on the same day.

Of course, Game Pass games are constantly being added to the service: Three more are joining today, one is scheduled for July 12, five more for July 14, one for July 19 and one for July 26. Without a doubt, it will be announced around the middle of the month, July 5 proves that new games can appear at any moment. It seems there won’t be any surprise games today, but three new games in Game Pass are always welcome.

On July 7, DJMax Respect V, Matchpoint: Tennis Championships and Road 96 will join the Game Pass library. Matchpoint will appear only in the console version of the Xbox Game Pass, and the other two will also be available on PC and in the cloud. DJMax Respect V is a rhythm game with Full HD music videos, a multiplayer game, a new game mode for the franchise and many others, as well as popular artists such as Marshmello.

Road 96 is represented by

No wonder Matchpoint: Tennis Championships is a tennis game. It boasts modern features, realistic gameplay, deep career mode, a rivalry system, as well as realism of tactical positioning and aiming. Meanwhile, Road 96 is based on a road trip focused on exciting places, unusual people and world-changing decisions. Road 96 boasts “thousands of routes” to personalize the adventure.

As mentioned above, there are a few more games scheduled for the next few days, but fans should also be aware that a few games are leaving at the end of this month. Atomicrops, Carrion, Children of Morta, Cris Tales and Lethal League Blaze will leave the Xbox Game Pass subscription on July 15. They are now available at a discount, but there are good reasons to at least try to play a few of them before they leave, perhaps especially Carrion, Children of Morta and Cris Tales.

Nevertheless, no matter what, the Xbox Game Pass additions are always ahead of the outgoing ones, since 14 games are added in the first half of this month and only 5 are lost. That remains to be seen, but the second half of the Xbox Game Pass in July 2022 is likely to be very similar.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers receive several free games every month.