Xbox Game Pass adds 2 games, including the release of the first day


Microsoft regularly updates its Xbox Game Pass offerings, and new additions appear during any month. The new Xbox Game Pass games, added on August 23, should be especially interesting to subscribers. The latest Xbox Game Pass update adds a new day one release, and also makes an exclusive PlayStation console game available to play via PC Game Pass.

From August 23, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can try Midnight Fight Express on all platforms and Death Stranding via PC Game Pass. Midnight Fight Express is a brand new release of the first day. This is an action-oriented action movie that was basically created by a single developer. So far, reviews of Midnight Fight Express have been mostly positive, but Game Pass subscribers can draw their own conclusions about the game without paying more than their subscription fee.

Meanwhile, Death Stranding is exclusive to the PlayStation console, whose transition to the PC Game Pass caused a real stir. Death Stranding was originally published by Sony when it first launched in 2019, with Sony also taking over most of the game’s marketing efforts and helping fund its development at Kojima Productions. Considering Sony’s financial investments, when it comes to Death Stranding, many were shocked to see that it appeared in the Game Pass, although it is only available in the PC version of the service, and not on Xbox consoles.

Although Death Stranding was originally published by Sony as a PlayStation 4 exclusive, the game eventually came out on other platforms. A port of Death Stranding was made for PC, plus the game got to replace PS4, PlayStation 5. It seems unlikely that the game will appear on Xbox consoles in the near future, but those who have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription can play. Death Stranding on their PC.

This won’t be the first time a game published by Sony will be available on Game Pass. Thanks to Sony’s updated licensing agreement with MLB, new parts of the MLB The Show franchise have been released on competing consoles, including Xbox. Microsoft jumped at the opportunity to secure the last two MLB games of The Show as first-day Xbox Game Pass titles. In effect, this meant that PlayStation gamers had to pay full price for MLB The Show, whereas those who played on Xbox could instead pay a relatively small fee for the Game Pass.

There will be new Xbox Game Pass games coming in August 2022, so subscribers should keep an eye on them.


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