Xbox Game maintains the name despite the logo change


The design of the new subscription service logo removes the word ‘Xbox’, but the official name has not been changed. A few hours ago, Microsoft announced a redesign of the Xbox Game Pass logo, which quickly leaked through the network.

Users soon realized that the word ‘Xbox’ had completely disappeared, but not the logo of the platform. However, those from Redmond have contacted MeriStation to clarify this movement. The entertainment giant has explained that despite this modification, the subscription service has not changed its official name.

Xbox recently revealed a redesign of the Xbox Game Pass logo. Although the logo is new, there have been no changes to the name of the service, which is still the Xbox Game Pass, “said a spokesman for the company. The official Twitter account itself has uploaded a fun prank catch that makes it clear that Xbox Game Pass will remain Xbox Game Pass. Also, as they say with humor, the new logo costs less if you want to tattoo it on your body.

The importance of Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft’s current strategy regards Xbox Game Pass as one of the columns that underpins everything else. The service will be available in the new generation and will allow players to access a catalog of hundreds of video games. All first party releases are published from day one of the service. With the launch of Xbox Series X, Xbox Game Studios is working on multiple projects to nurture the content ecosystem.

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Xbox Series X will go on sale later this year, although no specific date has been announced yet. The first projects developed by Microsoft’s internal studies will be intergenerational, so they will work in the current system. One of the big releases will undoubtedly be Halo Infinite, which recently showed off its campaign mode.


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