Xbox fans have developed their own control panel


Since the very first Xbox was released in 2001, subsequent Xbox consoles that have been released since then have had their own unique dashboards, and the Xbox 360 and Xbox Series X/S have also undergone a mid-life overhaul. One Xbox fan decided to develop his own dashboard that updates things rather than drawing inspiration from previous eras like the Xbox 360.

Reddit user ZenkaiGoose has set up his own unique Xbox dashboard, which still includes important elements of the existing user interface, such as the games and apps section and the available quick summary headers. An Xbox fan shows various parts of the customizable toolbar in a clip that shows the designer scrolling through important pages of his creation after turning on the Xbox boot screen. Last year, the Xbox Series X was updated to get an impressive 4K dashboard, and while many fans praised the changes, others are hoping for even more changes or a return to the Xbox 360 blade design.

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The ZenkaiGoose clip begins just like any Xbox Series X download, showing the dashboard after the logo flashes on the screen, showing a clock depicting an urban landscape illuminated in purple and pink, accompanied by recently used apps. Doom Eternal, Elden Ring and Tunic are fast—ready to resume games in the ZenkaiGoose clip, while Cuphead and Psychonauts 2 seem to require a full launch, and YouTube and the Microsoft store are waiting in standby mode. ZenkaiGoose scrolls down to open a user interface page that includes several suggested apps, available storage, and all the pins the player has saved, including grouped pins dubbed “shooters” and “vibrations”.

I tried to change the design of the Xbox control panel from XboxSeriesX.

Having similarities to the user interface of some mobile phones, ZenkaiGoose moves to the side of the toolbar to highlight a more cluttered community page, which includes favorites, friends online, party creation, music playlist, local weather, recent achievements and a block dedicated to the Torah: Love and Thunder, as well as side buttons that would be familiar on the standard Xbox Series X dashboard, such as a button to redirect to additional achievements, party information, and more. The ZenkaiGoose dashboard also has a page dedicated to the Game Pass, where the most popular games such as Halo Infinite and Mortal Kombat 11 are at the top, and holding down the help button opens the last screen of the ZenkaiGoose user control panel, where Xbox players can search for content or deactivate the controller. or comfort as much as they can by holding down the button today.

While many Xbox fans expressed their enthusiasm for the minimalistic Xbox ZenkaiGoose toolbar and pointed out how well it could work for the Xbox mobile app, others complained about the lack of options on the homepage from which ZenkaiGoose navigates. Several Xbox fans have pointed out that the current toolbar needs to be improved or overhauled, despite Microsoft redesigning it last year, while others have suggested that it is one of the best Xbox user interfaces. Since there have been ads on the Xbox dashboard for several generations, several Xbox fans have hinted that the ZenkaiGoose dashboard should display advertisements in certain sections.


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