Xbox Family Settings app available to all users


Microsoft announced the Xbox Family Settings application in May. The software giant also released a limited preview version of the application after the announcement. The application, which offers users powerful parental control tools even at that time, allows parents to manage their children’s time with Xbox. Xbox Family Settings’s iOS and Android apps are finally released.

With the Xbox Family Settings made available to all users, new features have been added to the application. Parents will have more control over their child’s friend lists. The friend request can be directly accepted or rejected by the parents.

In addition, parents can now extend the screen time allowed in the app without waiting for their kids to submit a request. It is thought that Microsoft has added this feature to the application in line with the comments received from parents who want to reward their children.

Each child needs to have their own account in Xbox Family Settings. In this way, it is possible for mothers and fathers who have more than one child to set separate leaves for each child.

Microsoft uses the definition of “more than a parental control app” for Xbox Family Settings. The company underlines that with this application, families can already explain the balance of work, study and play to their young children.


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