Xbox Exec Wants to Show Fable Now, But the Developer Wants It Ready First


The head of Microsoft Studios, Matt Bootie, already wants to show Fable on the Xbox Series X, but the developer Playground Games refused to do it until it is properly ready.

Speaking at PAX West 2022, Bootie said that Playground is doing so many interesting things with the next generation Fable game that he asks them to share them every time he sees:

“Part of my job is to cover the group from the air,” he explained. “They don’t want to show the material before it’s ready to go, but if there’s any game where it’s the other way around, and every time I see something, I say, “We have to show it,” then it’s Fable. lots of cool stuff.”

At the same time, “the team made it clear that I wouldn’t be able to show anything until it was ready,” Bootie laughed.

However, he spoke briefly about its development, noting that Playground brings the same “skill and dedication that they brought to Forza Horizon.” Bootie also admitted that giving Fable to the developer best known for his racing games was “a bit puzzling,” but Playground “proved that they understand it.”

There has been no indication as to when fans can expect to see more of the legendary fantasy franchise, but it has certainly been a long wait considering that Fable for Xbox Series X was officially announced more than two years ago, in July 2020.

Xbox shared that it is being developed using the Forza Engine and that the game will be a “new beginning” for the Fable franchise, but otherwise remains silent.


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