Xbox: Everwild Creative Director Leaves Rare


The head of the title leaves the British company; Executive Producer Louise O’Connor will direct the game.

The creative director of Everwild, the upcoming Xbox exclusive video game developed by Rare, has left the project. In a statement sent to VGC, the British study has confirmed the departure of Simon Woodroffe, who resigns from his position and leaves the company where he had worked since 2012.

According to the information, the until now executive producer, Louise O’Connor, will be in charge of assuming the tasks of directing alone. Despite not having disclosed many details about the reason for Woodroffe’s departure, study leader Craig Duncan said: “We thank Simon for all his hard work with Everwild and wish him the best possible luck for the future.” . Likewise, he considers that Rare “remains in good hands” and they will continue to develop this ambitious video game from which they hope to expose large doses of creativity, abstraction and “an unforgettable experience” in “a natural and magical world”.

Everwild is coming soon to Xbox Series X | S and PC

Woodroffe joined Rare eight years ago, in addition to his past role within SEGA’s technology team, where he was Creative Director of the acclaimed Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. It was in 2012 that he joined Rare as creative director of the studio as a whole, whose first major project was Sea of ​​Thieves. Despite the initial setbacks of the Xbox One and PC title, little by little it stabilized until it was one of the multiplayer bets with the most active players today on consoles.

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Following his change to creative direction at Everwild, Sea of ​​Thieves was left to Greg Mayles and Joe Neate. Now, with his departure, O’Connor will take the role of creative director ahead of a planned release for Xbox Series X | S and PC.

In the past, Everwild was advertised as part of the Xbox One game catalog; However, after one of the conferences this summer of the North American company, it happened to appear only as part of Xbox Series X | S. It is expected that in the future they will clarify whether or not there will be a current generation version.

Everwild does not currently have a specific release date.


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