Xbox Elite Controller Series 3: price forecasts and release dates


Microsoft’s Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 may not be coming anytime soon, but the fact is, it’s bound to be on the horizon. Here’s what you can expect from the new Xbox Elite controller.

Being one of the best controllers to date, the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 dominates the conversations about which controller is better. Even DualSense cannot compete, as Sony is forced to release its own version.

So when will the third one be? Although we are not quite sure, we like to think about things and study the available information. We also have a lot of fun at parties.

However, as with any hardware, the fans’ need for a new version is always insatiable. Although Microsoft is not saying anything about a potential Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 yet, it is inevitable.

You can get the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 directly from Microsoft in the USA and Microsoft in the UK.

Prediction: Will there be a new Elite controller?

Yes, you can almost count on it to happen. Microsoft regularly updates and updates its product lines across all of its products. However, they are not like Apple or other similar manufacturers in that outside of the range of their laptops, they rarely update their equipment annually.

Is it worth waiting for the Xbox Elite Series 3 controller?

If you’re going to buy a new Xbox controller and want to achieve more, then no, you shouldn’t wait. You can wait a whole year or more before they decide to release it. There are no rumors yet that they are preparing to announce a new iteration, so you are more than confident in acquiring the Elite Series 2 controller.

Even if they released the Elite Series 3 controller, the Series 2 is still a great option for most people.

Elite Main Controller

The white version that appeared on the web turned out to be a cheaper version of Microsoft. Named “Core”, it offers the same as its full version, but without additional blades.

The Elite Core controller is available starting at $129.99. You can buy additional manipulators (and joysticks) directly from Microsoft.

Rumors about the release date of Xbox Elite Controller Series 3

There is no confirmed release date for the Xbox Elite Controller Series 3 yet.

Even though it’s been almost three years, the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 still ranks as one of the best controllers you can get today. However, despite the fact that a lot of time has passed, we have not yet heard anything or even a real buzz about the Elite Series 3.

The time difference between Elite Controller and its second iteration was about four years, and the second version was launched in 2019. Considering that we are now in the third year of its lifecycle, we predict that we will start learning more about the Elite Series 3 sometime next year.


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