Xbox Design Lab Is Back; Design Your Own Xbox Series X Controller


Xbox: From now on, Microsoft will let us choose the colors of each part of our remote so that we can customize and design it as we like it. Microsoft has taken advantage of E3 2021 to bring back one of the services that its followers liked the most during the times of Xbox One. We refer to Xbox Design Lab, an option on the Xbox website that from now on will allow us to create our own own command and customize each and every one of its aesthetic characteristics. And when we say all, they are all. The color of the crosshead, the color of the triggers, the shade of the share button, and so on. We have a palette of 18 colors to choose from and we can mix them as many times as we want and get as fussy as we want.

The only option that we have missed is to be able to put the buttons with the color distribution of the NES remote control, but it is because we are nostalgic and we always like to look for the three legs of the cat. In any case, taste and style will cost 69.99 euros. Considering that the predefined designs are worth 59.99 euros, the difference may be worth it. The only drawbacks are that, being a personalized product, the command takes around four weeks to reach us and returns are not accepted. In any case, the editor is worth checking out and fiddling with. Microsoft itself has shown two designs created by itself through the Design Lab. One inspired by Psychonauts 2 and the other Grounded.


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