Xbox Creator Says He’s ‘Disgusted’ With Activision Blizzard Acquisition


Xbox: The announcement of the acquisition of Activision Blizzard may have been cause for celebration for Microsoft and its fans, but not everyone seems to be exactly pleased with the news. Seamus Blackley, for example, says he is “disgusted” by the transaction.

Responsible for creating and designing the original Xbox in 2001, Blackley posted his thoughts on the trade on Twitter. “I’m disgusted that the reward for years of despicable practices towards developers seems to be such a huge payoff for bullies,” said the game designer.

“My hope is that the acquisition will change Activision’s culture and bring some accountability to those who have so far avoided it,” he continued, alluding to the allegations against Activision Blizzard executives. The company is the target of accusations of sexism and misconduct in the work environment, with claims that Bobby Kotick, current CEO of the company, turned a blind eye to the occurrences.

Still, Blackley says he believes in Phil Spencer “as a leader and executive”, also stating that “this is a very insightful move and could represent a huge win for Xbox”.

The game designer said he still found it “incredibly strange to see baby Xbox devouring Activision”, even bringing up memories of the past of when he went to the company’s headquarters to talk about his console “only to be essentially laughed at”. Blackley says he wonders to this day if they still remember the episode — which he himself didn’t forget — concluding with a categorical “I remember.”