Xbox consoles inspired by Wonder Woman 1984 Incredible


Xbox will launch three new Xbox One X consoles, which are inspired by the Wonder Woman 1984 movie. Check out what they look like!

Xbox has introduced three custom Xbox One X consoles to celebrate the upcoming release of Wonder Woman 1984. More specifically, custom consoles are known as “Golden Armor,” “Lass of Truth,” and “Barbara Minerva” for reasons that should be readily apparent. for anyone remotely familiar with the franchise. They are … well, truly a sight to behold.

First of all, this is how Xbox describes the three different consoles:

Wonder Woman Golden Armor Xbox One X Console

“Matching the stunning armor that Wonder Woman wore in the movie, this custom console was crafted entirely by hand and from 24-karat gold leaf.”

Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth Xbox One X Console

“Fans will also have the chance to win their own Laso of Truth Laso of Truth Xbox One X console with this custom Wonder Woman Laso of Truth console, inspired by Wonder Woman’s Laso in the movie.”

Barbara Minerva Xbox One X Console

“Inspired by the punk rock style of Wonder Woman’s arch nemesis, this custom console features an intricate snakeskin pattern and faux leopard skin for a truly wild look.”

Notably, Xbox also announced that the Lasso of Truth will be awarded to a lucky winner who likes or retweets a special tweet from the giveaway between August 25 and September 17. The Gold Armor console will be auctioned, with proceeds going to Together for Her, which Xbox describes as “an initiative launched by Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project, the leading humanitarian organization CARE, and the Entertainment Industry Foundation to stand in solidarity with women and girls around the world. deploying funds and supporting the global response against domestic violence during the time of COVID-19. ” More details will be announced soon.

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What do you think of the new custom Xbox One X consoles? Are you excited for the release of Wonder Woman 1984? Let us know in the comments and read on for several more photos of all three consoles!


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