Xbox confirms that it will not announce new purchases


Xbox confirms through its official Twitter account that no new company purchases will be announced at the Japanese digital video game event.

Xbox will not announce any new company acquisitions in the framework of the already imminent Tokyo Game Show 2020, the digital version of the famous Japanese event dedicated to video games, thus refuting the latest rumors that pointed to a new announcement after the recent acquisition of Bethesda by the Redmond company. This has been confirmed by Xbox itself through a tweet in its official account of said social network, marking with checks some of the content that it will take to the event and making it clear, later, that “there will be no news of new acquisition in event”.

And there will be no news for Xbox Series X

And it is that tomorrow, September 24, a new edition of the Tokyo Game Show will begin, this year marked by its digital format due to the global crisis of the coronavirus, a trend that is being maintained in all mass events throughout the world. balloon. In this sense, Xbox has made it clear that there will be no announcement about any kind of acquisition these days of the event; yes, Xbox will be present to celebrate the Japanese show, in addition to offering news about its recent Microsoft Flight Simulator for PC, special content for the Japanese Minecraft community and a program broadcast only in Japanese.

In addition, there will be no news about Xbox Series X, the new generation of Microsoft together with Xbox Series S that will be released next November around the world; This was made clear by the company itself recently. Of course, the expectation remains on whether Xbox has any surprises about a possible collaboration with a Japanese company or studio.

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