Xbox compares size of Xbox Series X with refrigerator


Resident Evil Village will be released on May 7 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X and PC via Steam. And what has been drawing the most attention in the game’s launch videos is the gigantic height of the villainous Lady Dimetrescu. According to Capcom, the character will be 2.9 meters, which has yielded several memes on the internet, and even Microsoft decided to join in the fun.

The company published on its official Twitter an image that compares the height of Lady Dimitrescu with its most recent console: the Xbox Series X. In addition to it, Microsoft also compared the height of the villain with a refrigerator, referring to another meme, this one time referring to your console, which for many have a similar appearance to that of a conventional refrigerator.

Despite all the pranks, Lady Dimitrescu promises to be one of her biggest nightmares in Resident Evil Village. A demo of the game is now available exclusively for PS5, and ends with the appearance of the villain.

In addition, the game must maintain the chase elements of Resident Evil 7. With that, you will have to be extra careful not to open a door to face the gigantic character, who has claws and other abilities that we will only know when the game is available.


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