Xbox Celebrates 20 Years With Virtual Museum You Can Visit


Xbox: Microsoft is carrying out different activities to celebrate 20 years of the video game and the Xbox brand. Among the various lives and products, one of the news that deserves to be highlighted is a new virtual museum, which you can visit by controlling a small avatar to appreciate the great moments of the last two decades of Xbox.

The museum is a small metaverse, and you can even find other visitors controlling their own avatars. Many of the shows are what you’d expect in something like this, with highlights to the big Xbox franchises and milestones in its growth and service offering.

But it’s interesting that Microsoft doesn’t hide its “slips” either. Respecting that mistakes are also important parts of the history of any company or person, the Xbox 20-year virtual museum even makes references to the company’s attempt to buy Nintendo in the year 2000 and the infamous Red Ring of Death, which killed the Xbox 360 in its first few months of launch.

The museum also has an area reserved particularly for console gamers, with Xbox Live accounts. Logging in will allow you to access this area, which provides information and statistics about your personal history with the video game, such as the first game you played on an Xbox or how many years you have had your account.

To visit, simply access the official website and then control your little figure using the WASD keys.