Xbox + Bethesda is “a brilliant move against Sony


Christopher Weaver, now retired, thinks about the movement of the North American giant, which he considers positive for the company. Compare it to Bungie.

The purchase of ZeniMax Media by Microsoft continues to be talked about. This time, the founder of Bethesda, Christopher Weaver, who left the company in 2002, has described the movement as positive because it will be the users, in his opinion, who can benefit the most from this business movement translated into the incorporation of 8 major studios to Xbox Game Studios.

“Buying Bungie was the trigger for Xbox success in its day”

In a meeting with Inverse, where he has also positioned himself around the exclusivity or not of the next Bethesda video games in the Xbox ecosystem, Weaver explained that this purchase reflects a “brilliant move against Sony”, a counterattack that gives answer to the 14 internal teams of PlayStation Studios. On the part of Xbox Game Studios, the jump is from 15 to 23 studios, among which are Bethesda (Fallout, The Elder Scrolls), id Software (DOOM), MachineGames (Wolfenstein), Arkane (Dishonored) or Tango Gameworks (The Evil Within).

“Buying Bungie was the trigger for Xbox success in its day,” he adds; although then it happened to belong to Activision for years and is now independent. “I suspect Microsoft is consulting its library of games to try to repeat some of its ‘best moves.’ If the strategy works, it will be a brilliant move against Sony. Players from all over the world will definitely be the beneficiaries of this agreement. I wish them the best ”, he ends, addressing what was once his home.

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