Xbox Announces New Wired Stereo Headset and P2 Connector


Microsoft announced today, August 19, a new headset option with the Xbox Stereo Headset. Unlike its first model, which was wireless, the Stereo Headset comes with a green cable to connect to the classic 3.5mm audio port, also known as the P2.

Cord may not be the most comfortable option for many gamers, but it’s something that is well valued by so many others who prefer to focus on the universality of headphones. With the Xbobx Stereo Headset P2 plug it is possible to plug the headphones directly into the connection of your Xbox Series X|S controller or any other sound device with such an output. No batteries or batteries needed.

Using a cable does not mean that headphones are simpler or more basic. They also offer a premium experience, supporting high-fidelity spatial sound, including technologies such as Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos and DTS Headphone: X.

The headset also comes with a microphone, so you can interact with other players in online matches.

The Xbox Stereo Headset goes on sale September 21 in the US. It is already available for pre-sale at the Microsoft Store and other authorized resellers, for a suggested price of US$ 60. At the current price, this is almost R$ 320, but the value can vary a lot with taxes and other import costs.


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