Xbox Announces [email protected] Demo Festival December 7-21


Xbox will repeat last year’s dose and promote a festival of [email protected] demos on the platform as part of the promotion for The Game Awards 2021. There will be 35 demos of unreleased games that can be played on Xbox One and in Xbox Series X|S between the 7th and 21st of December.

The platform doesn’t reveal what all the games will be, but it highlights some that you’ll be able to try out on consoles:

Loot River
Death Trash
The Tale of Bistun
Nobody Saves the World

It’s important that players don’t forget that these demos are for indie games still in development – some of them even far from being released. So, as the Xbox folks explain, these are versions more similar to what we find in events to try, and can change a lot until the final version of the game.

Gamers also need to keep in mind that this testing period, which starts on the 7th and runs through the 21st of December, may be their only chance to test these games before release. Some of these demos may return in a permanent format after the 21st, but many of them will leave the platform and be inaccessible after that date.

Xbox folks are also asking players who try out the demos to provide feedback to game creators on their social networks. This type of information is very important when developing a game, and it’s one of the main reasons these demos are made available.