Xbox Aims To Forget Halo Infinite’s Delay With Game Pass


Xbox boss Phil Spencer made statements about the delay of Halo Infinite. Saying that this will not make much change in the release of the Xbox Series X, Spencer stated that there will be big announcements for Game Pass.

In a news we have given you this week, we mentioned that the release date of Halo Infinite, the latest game of Halo, one of the best known game brands on Xbox, was postponed. Xbox boss Phil Spencer also made statements on the subject.

Phil Spencer, guest of Gary Whitta’s Animal Talking video, said that the delay of Halo Infinite was a disappointment for people and themselves. Spencer stated that the absence of a dedicated game would not make a huge difference to the Xbox Series X’s launch strategy.

The focus is Game Pass

Speaking about the release of the Xbox Series X, Phil Spencer said that gamers will hear a lot more about both console and Game Pass, and that the combination of the two would be a great offer for gamers. The Xbox boss stated that the Game Pass service is a decision-making system for both their own platforms and people who are considering buying Xbox Series X.

Microsoft is working to make the Game Pass subscription more attractive and valuable to users. Among these efforts is to place the Project xCloud service in Game Pass Ultimate at no additional cost.

The lack of Halo Infinite in the release of the next generation Xbox means that Microsoft will lean more towards Game Pass and backward compatibility. Spencer had already given the signs of this, the Xbox boss said, “Our investment in Game Pass and that portfolio will continue to be strong.” Saying that they have much better announcements about Game Pass, Spencer also stated that they will make very strong announcements for Game Pass.

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It is not yet clear what these announcements are and when they will take place, which Phil Spencer mentioned. However, there are rumors that Xbox will organize an event in August. Considering the postponement of Halo Infinite, it may be quite appropriate to make these announcements at this event.


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