X-Men’s Krakoa Is Vital to the Marvel Universe, What Fans Missed


Warning: Spoilers for A.X.E.: Eve of Judgment

Ever since the X-Men founded their nation on the living island of Krakoa, this mutant island has played an important role in Marvel comics, but the recent series “AXE: Eve of Judgment” showed that Krakoa is more important to Earth than previously thought. The living island of Krakoa is not only a mutant, but is also part of the Eternal’s concept of a “Great Machine”, which means that the Eternals will never be able to destroy the island.

The continuity around Krakoa has changed a lot since his debut in Giant X-Men #1 (1975), where it was a monstrous talking island trying to kill the X-Men, while he is now considered one of the greatest mutants. allies. Doug Ramsey, X-Men Cypher, communication and communication with Krakoa, which led to his terraforming, was one of the most important parts of creating their mutant nation, and now one of the main laws of Krakoa is “To protect this sacred land”.

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Now it seems that the Eternals are also being forced to defend the island of Krakoa. One of the main directives of the Eternals, embedded in their biology, is to “Protect the Great Machine”, also known as Planet Earth, and the duplicitous Eternal Druig quickly discovers that Krakoa is indelibly part of the Earth near the end of AXE: Eve of Judgment, Kieron Gillen and Pascual Ferry. Druig is now the Main Eternal, and he is convinced that the Eternals have failed their Heavenly mission to destroy all Deviants, because he now considers mutants, and in particular the resurgent chain of mutants known as the Five, to be Deviants themselves. In the Eternal City of Olympia, hidden somewhere in Greece, Druig instructed the Eternal Inventor Domo to create a weapon that will destroy all of Krakoa and its mutants in one fell swoop, in which Domo succeeds after creating untraceable antimatter. to bomb. When Druig and Domo throw a bomb through a teleportation node near Krakoa, they are suddenly overcome by terrible seizures, black liquid flows out of their holes, and they shout: “Protect the car!”

Domo disables the bomb, and when Druig, clearly upset, asks why the bomb triggered the Eternal “principles”, Domo reflects that it must be because Krakoa is “an intelligent being of an unusual type” who is “part of the machine in fundamental terms.” the path.” The Great Machine, who has acted as the narrator of Eternals comics since Kieron Gillen became a writer, tells the reader that Domo is right and that it’s a “long story” but that “Krakoa is a good guy.” If Krakoa wasn’t part of the Great Machine, Druig’s plan would immediately destroy all Krakoa mutants, leaving only those who aren’t on the island on Earth or on Arakko, so it’s incredibly lucky that Krakoa and the Great Machine seem to be… friends? Krakoa has always existed in the boundary space between the island and the mutant, but it is gratifying to know that as long as mutants remain on Krakoa, the Eternals cannot “just destroy every molecule of it,” although this is clearly not the case. to stop Druig from his mission to bring “Death to the Mutants”.

Druig and Domo’s inability to destroy Krakoa, the home of the X-Men, proves that the sentient island is more important to the Marvel Universe than anyone knows, and while the Eternals can still infiltrate the island and kill mutants, it gives some semblance of hope that the island of Krakoa will still stand after the Eternals planned for Judgment Day.