X-Men Games Gave Marvel the Most Iconic Voice of Wolverine


Marvel’s merciless mutant hero, Wolverine, has been portrayed by many actors, but his most iconic voice has appeared in the X-Men video games. The Indestructible Warrior is one of the most popular characters in the Marvel cult hero lineup, which has led to many different adaptations in various environments. Hugh Jackman famously played Logan on the movie screen, but many arcade and console X-Men games also included Wolverine as a playable character with metal claws. In fact, Wolverine’s most prolific voice actor was first introduced in a video game adaptation.

Because of his immense popularity, Wolverine has appeared in all forms of Marvel media, including live-action movies, animated series, and video games. Decorated with adamantium, Lancer played the main role in the beloved 1990s TV series “X-Men: Animated Series”, where he was voiced by Cal Dodd, and he also starred in the movie “Wolverine and the X-Men”, which premiered in 2009. Logan has also appeared in a large number of video games, including the classic Uncanny X-Men for the Nintendo Entertainment System and the beloved 1991 arcade game X-Men. Star Wars and Batman icon Mark Hamill actually voiced Wolverine in the 2003 game X2: Wolverine’s Revenge, but Logan’s most famous voice appeared in the 2004 game.

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X-Men Legends 2004 is a role–playing game in which players fight alongside Marvel’s favorite group of mutant heroes. Developed by Raven Software, the game is a young mutant who must learn to control his volcanic power with the help of Professor Xavier and the X-Men. The game allows players to form a four-man squad of more than fifteen different playable heroes, each with their own unique abilities in combat. In X-Men Legends, characters such as the Ice Man, Jean Grey, Storm, Night Serpent and the ever-popular Wolverine are available. Patrick Stewart voiced the game version of Professor Xavier, who returned from the series “X-Men”, but “Legends of the X-Men” also gave Marvel a completely new voice of Wolverine in the image of Steve Blum.

Steve Bloom is Marvel’s Most Iconic Wolverine Voice

Steve Bloom’s iconic husky voice is perfect for the ruthless Logan, and the prolific actor successfully portrays the character as both a fearless fighter and a selfless hero. Since the first voicing of the character in “Legends of the X-Men,” Bloom has voiced several different versions of Wolverine on different media. He played Logan in the animated series Wolverine and the X-Men, Avengers: Earth’s Greatest Heroes and Absolute Spider-Man, among others, as well as in the 2009 animated film Hulk vs Wolverine. Blum also brought his iconic Wolverine persona to many other video games after X-Men Legends, including X-Men Legends 2, Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, X-Men: Destiny, and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

While the actor voicing Solid Snake, David Hayter, is interested in portraying the titular mutant in Marvel’s Wolverine, Steve Bloom is still considered the most prominent voice of the metal mutant. From “X-Men Legends” to “Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3,” Bloom has endowed the long-lived Logan with a deep growling voice that perfectly conveys both the strength and vulnerability of the character. Although little is known about Marvel’s upcoming Wolverine, Steve Bloom undoubtedly claims to be the main star of the upcoming superhero title Insomniac.