X-Men Cosplay Recreates The Team’s Most Underrated Superpower


Incredibly talented cosplayer Keith Noel recently released a truly iconic cosplay of young Kitty Pride, highlighting how underestimated the X-Men’s ability to phase. Pride, whose adult name is Captain Kate Pride, is one of the most beloved X-Men of all time, and Noel’s brilliant cosplay perfectly conveys her attitude, appearance and amazing strength.

Kitty Pryde made her debut for the first time during the legendary “Dark Phoenix Saga”. the series with the Night Serpent. The X-Men are known for their incredibly powerful abilities, but the phasing power of the Pride is often underestimated because it seems simple, although in fact it is an incredibly complex and versatile ability. Kitty Pryde’s intangible power allows her to move herself, objects, and other people through solid matter, but also allows her to control her own density, meaning she can walk through the air or become so dense that she matches the strength of the Hulk. In addition, her impalpability has the added advantage of automatically destroying and destroying any technological matter she passes through, which means that she is an incredibly strong offensive opponent when dealing with robots, cyborgs or androids, and can also easily defeat Iron Man in his suit.

A talented cosplay artist named Keith Noel, who is also the co-founder of the non-profit Cosplay Care Project, has shown a lot of amazing cosplays on Instagram over the years, such as Harley Quinn, Gwenpool and the recent Black Cat Costume. Her Kitty Pryde cosplay seems to be a modern version of her original X-Men costume when she was still codenamed Sprite, and the covers Noelle used as inspiration are taken from Kitty Pryde and Wolverine #1 of 1984 and the recent version of Marauders #3. cover by Jihen Lee.

Not only does Noelle look exactly like some of Kitty’s more modern looks when she still had straight hair and wore it in a ponytail, but the costume looks professionally made by Jumbo Carnation himself. Noel’s clever image editing, demonstrating the Pride’s phasing abilities, is truly brilliant and offers a very realistic idea of how this phasing will look in the real world. Kate Pride, now the Red Queen of the Hellfire Trading Company and the leader of the Marauders, has been a central figure of the X-Men for many years, acting as the leader of the X-Men and the principal of Jean Grey High School. Learning for a long time before the Krakoan era. Pride’s abilities have been used to save her friends and the world countless times, the most famous of which was perhaps the case when Kitty Pride completely phased a massive world-ending bullet through the Earth, remaining trapped in it in a permanent state of impalpability for almost 2 years before Magneto finally rescued him. Unfortunately, there are still some mutants and comic book readers who don’t fully understand how strong Pride’s phasing ability is, but it’s pretty clear that if anyone ever has to fight Kate, they’ll quickly find out how strong she is.

Keith Noel’s amazing cosplay on the fan-favorite character Kitty Pride, the current leader of the X-Men Marauders, is the perfect representation of Kate’s costume, funny character and abilities, finally giving her amazing phasing abilities the attention they rightfully deserve.