X-Men Can Give Spider-Man the Reboot He Desperately Needs


Warning: Contains spoilers for X-Men: Hellfire Gala #1.

The X-Men’s Hellfire Gala event gave Spider-Man the best reason to start a new life. Spider not only got a new glamorous costume, he also teams up with Wolverine to save Mary Jane from the clutches of Moira X, which may be Peter’s only chance to establish a relationship with the woman who was once his wife.

Spider-Man’s life has never been easy, but recent events have really proved that Marvel is obsessed with knocking Peter Parker down every time he tries to get up. By sacrificing his marriage to Mary Jane in a deal with Mephisto during the infamous “One More Day” story, Peter was able to slowly and painfully rebuild his relationship with the woman of his life (despite the fact that neither of them remembered ever being married). He even barely survived a brutal beating by the U-Foes and a tragic battle with his clone Ben Reilly, but just when it seemed that everything was fine, a new ongoing series┬áThe amazing Spider-Man reveals that Peter is unemployed, broken, riding with debt, and Mary Jane (for unexplained reasons) is married and has children.

Link: Mary Jane has become a damsel in distress for the entire Marvel universe

Spider-Man, at least, received an invitation to the Hellfire Gala concert, the main event of the year for mutants, and to the X-Men: Hellfire No. 1 gala concert (from Jerry Duggan, Chris Anka, Russell Dauterman, Matteo Lolli, CF Villa, Reina Beredo). , Frank Martin, Matt Milla and Matthew Wilson) he appears in a brand new costume (created by artist Russell Dauterman). Mary Jane is also present there as a well-known representative of the miracle drugs of Krakoa, but in fact Moira X uses her as a puppet to infiltrate the event. When Spider finds out the truth, with Wolverine’s help, the two heroes run together to save Mary Jane and hopefully put an end to the threat posed by Moira once and for all.

The adventures of Spider-Man and Wolverine will develop in Amazing Spider-Man #9, but the premise is interesting enough to make fans hope that this could be the beginning of a new course for the character. Saving Mary Jane from Moira may be exactly what Peter needs to renew his relationship with his ex-fiancee, and perhaps in the process, fans will also find out exactly how MJ got married and had children, and what happened between the finale of the Beyond saga in The Amazing Spider-Man, Tom. 5 and the beginning of vol . 6. It’s also really nice to see Spider-Man teaming up with Wolverine again. The two characters have always had great interaction, and they spent a lot of time together in The Avengers, which created one of the most valuable dynamics for this team.

Many fans have been shouting for a long time that Marvel made a big mistake with “One More Day” and that Peter and Mary Jane deserve to be together again. Many years later, it seemed that they were close to becoming a stable couple again, but then the dream was ruthlessly crushed, which further alienated some readers. A brand new image of Spider-Man, his team with Wolverine and a chance to save Mary Jane are the perfect conditions to give the character the reboot he really needs, and all thanks to X-Men’s Hellfire Gala.