X-Files: cast sings new song lyrics (VIDEO)


The X-Files has become a staple among TV series, from the brilliant performance of Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny to the opening song. The instrumental recently won a lyrics that were sung by the entire cast of The X-Files, in addition to those who participated in the production of the series.

A contest was held so that the participants could submit their ideas to fill the musical part already ready. The winning lyrics, composed by Jennifer Large and Rebecca MacDonald, were sung in a video made at a distance by the cast of The X-Files, in addition to creator Chris Carter and director Vince Gilligan, resulting in an impeccable meeting.

More details of the X-Files cast meeting

The purpose of the video is to raise money to help World Central Kitchen, an organization that aims to help communities in crisis by offering quality food, alleviating hunger and constant poverty.

Currently, all X-File seasons are available on Amazon Prime Video. The streaming service gives the opportunity to marathon not only the old seasons, shown between 1993 and 2002, but also those produced after the return of the series, officially concluded in 2018.


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