Wynonna Earp: Showrunner talks about its last episodes



In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Emily Andras, Wynonna Earp’s showrunner, teased fans about the final episodes of the series. The production, which is shown by Syfy, returns from a hiatus this Friday (5) with the second half of its 4th season.

The next episode promises to show Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) dealing with a somewhat uncomfortable breakup. For Emily Andras, no one is better than the protagonist of the series in terms of keeping her own feelings in her pants pocket.

“Things are going to come to a head. I think Wynonna is going to be much more hurt than she really realizes. But she is going to try [to] fix things this time,” he said, adding that he still does not know if this characteristic of character will be permanent.

The whiskey-loving heroine has spent most of Season 4 without her reliable weapon to kill monsters. However, it is worth remembering that before the series went on hiatus, everything went back to normal, with Wynonna using the revolver to shoot Holt Clanton (Ty Olsson) in the back, creating a huge gap between her and Doc Holliday (Tim Rozon).

Season 4 of Wynonna Earp will also be the last of the series; learn more about what’s next!

According to Emily Andras, Wynonna learned a lot about demon hunting over time. “She has a lot of confidence in herself, even more now that Peacemaker is back,” she argued. “Wynonna knows that she is very good at her job and that she will also be able to keep the people she loves safe,” she commented. .

The showrunner also points out that even with the infamous petulance infiltrating the character, she has an extremely powerful weapon in hand to fight all the evil that surrounds her.

While the final episodes of Wynonna Earp are being shown, Andras warns viewers that Cleo Clanton (Savannah Basley) remains a potential threat, although she is not the only one.

“What we saw from Cleo is that she shares something very important with Wynonna, who is fundamentally a survivor,” she said. “She is a great manipulator. She is smarter than she might think and I think anyone who excludes her will be in for a big shock,” she analyzed about the relationship of the characters.

And Emily Andras is emphatic in giving a few more details about the entities that walk in the series.

“We still have the question of the reapers,” she recalled. “We have a lot to deal with [in the season]. As always at Wynonna Earp, we still have some threats coming from people that we may not even have considered before, ”she added.

Wynonna Earp returns this Friday (5) for Syfy. Don’t miss out!


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