WWE will cut the wages of managers and workers for the coronavirus


WWE continues with its cuts for the coronavirus despite having good economic results in the first quarter. Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com has exclusively advanced that the company has already announced that both managers and workers will experience cut wages due to the pandemic. Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful.com was able to confirm the news.

This is part of the McMahons’ company budget cuts that were already planned due to the situation and that started with the wave of layoffs and temporary layoffs to WWE wrestlers, producers and trainers in mid-April.

In the publication and press conference of the economic results of the first quarter, WWE President Vince McMahon already warned that the company should make cuts due to the global coronavirus pandemic. All of this is in a plan to balance your economy and have a big impact by the time the delicate situation ends.

Among the measures that WWE has put in place to cut the budget, apart from the wave of layoffs, has been the paralysis of the construction of the new headquarters of the company for six months, cut wages for the fighters and now the cuts have come to managers and workers.

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