WWE Survivor Series 2022 will feature Two WarGames matches


The good news has wowed sports entertainment fans, as the content director of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Paul Levesque reports that the upcoming November Survivor Series pay-per-view will feature two separate WarGames matches that will make up the main event of what is sure to be a well-praised night. In a recent interview, the former world champion revealed this detail in light of his increased responsibility behind the scenes.

The November event, now dubbed Survivor Series WarGames, is an updated version of the WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view, which has been held in front of huge crowds in November every year since 1987, making it one of the longest-running. hosting pay-per-view wrestling tournaments in the history of wrestling, second only to the Wrestlemania supershow featuring celebrities. The WarGames match type, which consists of two rings stacked side by side and then enclosed in a massive steel cage, has a similar historical origin, being the result of an NWA product from the 80s before it was used in the 90s by World Championship Wrestling (WCW), which was a serious rival of the then World Wrestling Federation (WWF).

More recently, the WarGames format has been widely recognized by fans at some WWE NXT pay-per-view shows, which at that time were directed by Levesque, best known at the time as Hunter Hearst Helmsley, a blue-blooded aristocrat character who eventually transformed. in Triple H and, in addition to being hailed by The Game, one of the most successful stunts in wrestling history. In an exclusive interview with The Ringer, Levesque said that there will be one WarGames match for male and female superstars in the double main event. This should replace the usual confrontation between WWE brands, such as the very remarkable three-way events that took place in 2019.

Speaking in more detail about the concept, Levesque noted that the spirit of pay-per-view has undergone some changes over time, and stressed that adding WarGames would not be too far from the truth. Instead of the traditional Smackdown vs Raw angle that has been popular at the event since the brand split, the new concept will be that the large-scale action will be more based on the storyline. It’s a decision that Levesque, who announced his retirement from the ring for good in May, says he made based on his position as a longtime fan of professional wrestling.

The news is likely to excite fans, and it’s one of many changes the former Triple H has made since taking on new responsibilities following Vince McMahon’s unexpected resignation earlier this year. Many fans respect Levesque for being a performer, as well as for his role in creating the NXT brand, which managed to attract more fan attention than its larger sister programs under his caring upbringing.

It is also worth noting the need for WWE to increase the number of viewers and bring back many old fans who flocked to the competition. Most notable is Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling, which broadcasts its Dynamite show weekly and has recently been making big moves, such as buying out the leading indie promotion Ring of Honor, the former home of many top stars. While Triple H was met with praise at first, its long-term success is based on solutions that support WWE’s long-standing dominance in the industry.

WWE Survivor Series WarGames is scheduled for November 26, 2022 at TD Garden in Boston.


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