WWE SmackDown Clip Shows Ronda Rousey’s Arrest


It looks like Ronda Rousey is back in action, this time smashing WWE SmackDown during the 1200th episode. Following her suspension and a fine for assaulting referee Dan Engler after he failed to notice that her opponent, Liv Morgan, knocked during the armbar and continued to count Morgan, which angered Rousey and saw her following him, heel on it again, refusing to leave the ring even after as Adam Pierce ordered her to.

This led to a confrontation between Pierce and Rosie in which she refused to resign and had to be subdued to leave the arena, flying out against the wishes of her bosses, who were not going to lift the suspension— and it seems that if she thought it would help her get back into the ropes faster, she was mistaken.

During the 1200th episode of WWE SmackDown, Rousey decided to jump over the line of her disqualification, claiming that since she had paid a fine for attacking Engler during a match with Morgan – something that would have to wait a bit to finish, as Liv Morgan is next scheduled for a match against Shaina Basler at the SmackDown Women’s Championship in Clash at the Castle before Rosie could hit her a second time, but Adam Pierce didn’t want that. When the independent wrestler (and MMA fighter) was led out of the ring after she refused to resign and leave peacefully, Rousey was led out by two policemen in front of the entire arena of cheering fans.

Ronda Rousey is an interesting character in the world of wrestling. She spends almost as much time on games and voice acting as she does on matches. She is a mixed fragrance for longtime WWE fans who are trying to understand them, although her penchant for creating drama inside and outside the ring puts her on a par with the best of the best. While WWE has been going through a shake—up lately – from the dismissal of Vince McMahon and the installation of Triple H in his place to the canning of part of the NXT UK lineup in favor of NXT Europe, fans need not be afraid of any of this. Ronda Rousey. Rhonda is cool through and through, and fans can’t seem to get enough of her antics.

Police were needed after Rousey not only refused to leave the SmackDown ring (and consequently delayed the entire event), but also attacked the referees who entered to try to subdue her, persuading four of them before Pierce came out to confront her, two officers following him. Keen-eyed fans recognized one of the officers, the long-time Canadian wrestler K.S. Spinelli, a smart move, because in order to suppress the power, a powerful station is needed, and the Pier was preparing. After her initial fine, suspension and these antics, it may be some time before WWE SmackDown accepts her back- again, given Rousey’s attitude to the arrest, it may not matter.


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