WWE returned the wrestlers their full names


WWE has just announced that two of its roster are getting their full names while performing in the ring, canceling out the latest ideas coming from former top boss and now-deposed founder Vince McMahon.

It is reported that the idea to deprive the wrestlers of their names was rejected by the wonderful people on PWInsider.com , where part of this report was taken from. This means that when fans tune into WWE again, they see Theory becoming Austin Theory again, and Riddle bouncing off the ropes again as Matt Riddle, retaining his full names as the first of many to regain his identity.

When WWF was founded (and long before it became WWE), the world of faces and heels consisted of people from all sides of the spectrum with all sorts of names — usually the longer the better. Characters like King Kong Bundy, Andre the Giant or Hulk Hogan, even if they didn’t use their real (or full) names, were given nicknames suitable for the world of spandex-clad titans who fought in the ring. Others, such as “Roadie” Roddy Piper or “Cold Stone” Steve Austin, have been given nicknames in addition to their names, an extra flair for professionals to dazzle fans. Singular names were rare, and it seems that Vince McMahon’s latest idea—to strip wrestlers down to one name—failed.

When Vince McMahon quit WWE because of a series of real—life allegations in which he used WWE’s coffers to pay off the women he cheated on Linda with, it’s the type of drama that affects wrestling in a way that’s actually negative as opposed to the drama that should be happening inside himself Ringa, Triple H, the new responsible person, began to repair the damage caused by McMahon in the last years of his creative mistakes. Not only did Theory and Riddle become Austin Theory and Matt Riddle again, but others also reported changes.

Angel recently said that he was able to add his surname Garza to become Angel Garza again. Pete Dunn, whom McMahon’s decree turned into Butch, or the name of Tomasso Chiampa, shortened by half to just Chiampa, is also getting canceled and will soon be themselves again. There are rumors from other fan sites that Butch will split from his buddies, Seamus and Ridge Holland, and will be able to return to his original name NXT. He has already been seen wrestling in his old NXT UK outfit. They say the same goes for Chiampa as soon as he feuds with the breakup with The Miz. With such changes, Triple H is really showing off his muscles as the head of WWE’s creative division.


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