WWE Raw: Baby Face Machine Seth Rollins Is the Perfect Feud for Riddle


Seth Rollins and his manic-mean streak create the perfect backdrop for Riddle as WWE continues to turn him into a star of the caliber of major events. Since Cody Rhodes and his injured pectoral muscle will miss a significant amount of time, Monday Night Raw is without its main baby face. Enter Riddle, who accepted the mantle with aplomb and ran away with it.

If his run with Randy Orton and RK-Bro opened The door to The Original Bro superstar, then his recent series of singles matches shows that he went through it barefoot. His one-on-one match with Roman Reines during Friday night’s SmackDown on June 17 was flawless. On the eve of the fight, no one really believed that Riddle would leave as a champion, but during the match itself, these two forced the fans to suspend their disbelief at least for a moment. Riddle’s apparent desperation combined with Raines’ underrated and flawless strike time leads to some breathtaking moments.

When the dust settled, the tribal Leader won, and Riddle needed something to do. It would be very similar to WWE if the former UFC fighter was immediately turned off. His mega-over partner is injured and he cannot fight Reigns for the championship again according to the terms of their SmackDown match. That’s two strikes against him, and losing to Omos in the Money In The Bank qualifying match didn’t look like good news for Riddle. Then Seth Rollins stepped into the ring, attacked the battered and beaten Riddle and staged a subsequent feud. Which might actually be perfect for these two heading to SummerSlam.

After losing to Omos on Raw, Riddle now has no equal in Money In The Bank. If WWE somehow fails to present him from a new angle on SmackDown — which seems unlikely — then he will not participate in the premium live broadcast. At least he won’t be booked for this event. Rollins is actually involved in a title match, and it’s not too hard to imagine him climbing the stairs, starting to unhook the briefcase before he eats RKO out of nowhere from the interfering Riddle.

Perhaps WWE will achieve this in another way, but Rollin’s post-match attack on Riddle seems to set them up for a long-term program leading up to the match at SummerSlam. Considering that Seth the Nutty Rollins seems to be leaning towards a fight with Roman Raines sometime in the future, this is the perfect feud for both wrestlers. Riddle, who has just participated in a WWE main event match against Tribal Cheif, is fighting a monster heel who wants to get there. Lately, the work on Rollins’ characters has been on a different level, and combined with Riddle’s ability to evoke empathy, it should be good. The architect played a huge role in bringing in Cody Rhodes during their trilogy. Now let’s see if he can do the same for Riddle.