WWE News: Cody Rhodes Shares Scary Details about Chest Rupture Surgery


Cody Rhodes underwent surgery to repair a torn pectoral muscle last month, and the WWE superstar recently spoke about his condition, which had frightening details about the procedure. The American Nightmare injured his shoulder during training before Hell In A Cell, but still passed the match. As a result, he defeated Seth Rollins in a match that could have been decisive for his career, and showed a lot of courage during the fight.

This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to anyone who has followed Rhodes throughout his career. He has never been shy about risking or risking his life to sell a story. His return to WWE itself after he helped create a direct competitor in AEW is proof enough of that. However, Rhodes has a long and difficult road back to the ring, and he recently shared an update on his condition.

Rhodes appeared on the Busted Open Radio show on July 15 and reported the following: “The last time I was there for a big checkup after physical education, I was told they weren’t going to give me a schedule yet when I was.” I’m going to come back because they’re afraid that if they give me this schedule, I’ll try to jump it, maybe for a month or two.” He then revealed the frightening detail of the operation itself: “I don’t think people know, I almost bled out during the operation because there was so much blood. pretty clumsy.” (h/t Wrestling Observer Online for transcription)

WWE has big plans for the return of Cody Rhodes

WWE treated Cody Rhodes like a big deal when he returned to WrestleMania 38. They used his popularity with the “Countdown to Cody” clock during Monday Night Raw episodes in the hope that he would help keep viewers when the second hour passed. moves into the third. And it worked too. A torn pectoral muscle disrupted what could have been a huge summer boost for him, but WWE could still force Rhodes to appear at the Battle Royale in heroic fashion.

It seems that WWE and Rhodes are deliberately trying to hide when he will actually be able to return. He is more than a month after surgery, and he probably still has to undergo rehabilitation for several months. During “Money in the Bank”, a pre-recorded promo video was shown in which Rhodes was still upset about Rollins injuring him during “Hell in a Cell”. It seems likely that the two may resume their feud when “American Nightmare” finally returns to WWE television.