WWE Network no longer offers free first month to new subscribers


WWE announced a few days ago the arrival of a free version of the WWE Network, which would allow its users to enjoy a part of their digital library at no cost, such as selected historical PPVs, Raw Talk, recent episodes of the weekly WWE programs and various from their original series like Ride Along or Table For 3.

Until now, WWE Network has offered a free subscription to its new users for one month so that they had the opportunity to test the service before starting to pay $ 9.99 per month. However, the company has withdrawn this promotion since the launch of the free version of the platform, since this available content is already a sufficient demonstration of the service for new users.

According to the specialized portal PWInsider, WWE Network now displays the following text in the subscription section: “Subscriptions to WWE Network are charged in advance and are repeated monthly. Billing begins on the date you subscribe or reactivate the subscription of your account, and will be charged the same day each month until cancellation. ”

The free month for new subscribers gave WWE Network users full access to all the content on the platform, so there were many fans who created a new account each month to be able to access the WWE Network without paying at any time. However, the free version of the platform restricts access to certain content, such as live events, so now the only possible way to see such content is through a subscription.

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