WWE Monday Night Raw will Get a New TV-14 Rating Next Week


WWE intends to make significant changes to its flagship show Monday Night Raw, as it was reported that the TV rating will be shifted from PG to TV-14, starting on July 18. The red brand has always been aimed at a younger audience and families. since the end of the Relationship Era. The launch of WWE on the stock exchange in October 1999 also required a change of direction, as the company had to look more family-friendly as a public company.

The company went through an era of ruthless aggression before entering the PG era in July 2008. It was at this point that WWE received a TV-PG rating in accordance with the recommendations for parents on television, and WWE began intensively writing scripts for commercials and directing content for younger viewers. . It was also referred to as the Era of Reality as the federation continued to include its wrestlers in other types of TV shows. This ranged from Total Divas to Miz and Mrs.

However, it looks like the PG era is coming to an end next week. Andrew Zarian of Wrestling Observer News shared the following from his @AndrewZarian Twitter account: “Starting on July 18, WWE Raw will have a TV-14 rating moving forward on the US network. The PG era is over.”

From July 18, WWE Raw will have a TV-14 rating, promoted on the US network.

At this stage, it is unclear exactly why WWE is making this change. The company has not publicly stated anything either on its official website or on social networks. He has also not sent any press release about the change at this time. So this could be a very important event that will dramatically change the way Raw is written and produced. Or it could be WWE giving itself a little more wiggle room when it comes to issues with standards and practices. This may also be a ploy to boost the rankings, but it seems short-sighted even for World Wrestling Entertainment.

Fans on Twitter immediately started speculating about what the changes would mean for the July 18 broadcast. It’s extremely unlikely that a superstar will grab a microphone and start cursing the storm, but the reality is that if WWE wants to start targeting content more adult-oriented, now they have the opportunity to do so. It will also be interesting to see if this TV-14 difference will create any noticeable differences for premium live broadcasts. They are only available in NBCUniversal’s Peacock streaming app. The same on-air rules don’t apply to this kind of streams, but it doesn’t make much sense for WWE to try to squeeze the storylines that were TV-14 on weekly television into premium TV-PG live broadcasts. The upcoming SummerSlam show will probably be a good litmus test. This is a change that some fans may not even notice. Or it could create a real separation of eras for WWE fans. Viewers just need to tune in to find out what this shift will affect and what it will entail.