WWE is very unhappy with the SummerSlam card


SummerSlam is just over a week away from WWE, but apparently he’s not particularly happy with how the map has turned out. The Biggest Party Of The Summer is considered one of the company’s four premium live events. It’s not exactly the same as WrestleMania, but it’s an important show that always has significant implications for current storylines and feuds.

Injuries to the likes of Cody Rhodes probably didn’t help matters, but WWE still had a few weeks of TV shows to put together a lineup she’s happy with. Brock Lesnar and Roman Raines will lead the tournament in a match for the last survivor, Logan Paul will mix it with the Miz, and Pat McAfee will fight for the first time since WrestleMania 38, but apparently some in the company are unhappy. with how the event looks right now.

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According to @WrestleVotes on Twitter, a group of people in WWE don’t like the SummerSlam bill. The tweet says: “In most WWE cases, I had a source tell me this morning that they really don’t like the SummerSlam card, that it’s the people who made it up.”

WrestleVotes has a pretty good track record, and it’s pretty funny that those who make the SummerSlam card don’t like the SummerSlam card. WWE has booked several corners leading up to the show. First, he’s still trying to figure out how to treat Reigns as the undisputed champion. They put both major men’s championships on the line to make WrestleMania 38 seem like a grand bargain, but the fight between Raines and Lesnar didn’t work out. Moreover, the rivalry was not given a chance to cool down before Vince McMahon announced the return of the “Incarnate Beast”. Attach the theory to the “Money in the Bank” briefcase, and things get a little more complicated if WWE wants to get one belt from Raines, allowing him to continue his world title.

It seems that some behind the scenes in WWE feel the same way as some fans. Many of these matches seem to be restored, and there is not much to worry about if we are talking about a large PLE. The money in the bank was well received, but part of the reason is that expectations were not particularly high. The same cannot be said about SummerSlam, which should become a landmark event for WWE. Perhaps in the coming weeks he will be able to order several matches that will change the overall perception, but the essence of the map is largely determined. Perhaps the last match between Lesnar and Raines in the new era of TV14 will be enough to change people’s minds.