WWE has 1 chance to make Carrion Cross a legitimate participant in the main event


Fool wrestling fans once, shame on them, fool wrestling fans twice, shame on booker; won’t fool me three times for WWE and Karrion Kross. The company had already badly ruined his debut once, while Vince McMahon had a book. Triple H, taking over creative control, has won WWE more fan favor than probably since the Attitude Era. However, if Hunter simply repeats the sins of his father (son-in-law), then this advantage of doubt will evaporate as quickly as it appeared.

Triple H is in a unique place where the entire WWE universe knows that a tectonic shift has taken place behind the scenes. Viewers knew that “Monday Night Raw” and “Friday Night SmackDown” were shows created to entertain only one person and one person in the person of Vince McMahon. He rarely cared about who the fans liked and disliked, and seemed to have a legitimate disdain for wrestlers who managed to handle things he didn’t come up with. Fair or not, this has been his perception at IWC for many years. It’s a bit simplistic, but Cross represents Triple H’s vision for this product in the future. And the King of Kings can’t afford to miss Carrion Cross for the second time.

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A sign that would send fans would be truly terrible. Right now there is an atmosphere of hope around WWE, both behind the scenes and in the stands. Cross is ready to take part in the main event of the premium live broadcast Clash At The Castle, which is worth watching. Suppose Triple H re-signed him only for him to eat a pin from Roman Reigns while defending Drew McIntyre in front of his hometown. In this case, it would be surprisingly discouraging for fans hoping to see fewer redundant results. McMahon has been feeding Roman Raines superstars for more than half a century. There is not a single former world champion left whom he would not have defeated.

That is why it is so important to properly organize the second main team of the Cross. He doesn’t have to be a WWE champion by next month, but he also can’t be made to look like a loser in a main event match with The Tribal Cheif. Kross’ re-debut was perfect in many ways. He’s a former NXT champion who didn’t lose until he was elevated to the main roster and saddled with a ridiculous trick. But he still has the credibility, presentation and size needed to stand face-to-face with the tiny group of stars that Vince McMahon took the trouble to create.

Carrion Cross can be a breath of fresh air on the stage of the main event. Imagine that the Raw after Clash At The Castle begins with McIntyre celebrating his title match victory over Reigns, but he is interrupted by Carrion and Scarlett Bordeaux. Fans haven’t seen this before, and it will be a sign that Triple H really wants to take WWE in a new direction. Raines can hold on to the Universal Championship and continue to fight once every three months. If The Game wants to prove to WWE viewers that everything has changed, he has the opportunity to do it with Cross.


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