WWE Bray Wyatt Briefly Broke Character to Explain Why He’s Back


WWE has finally paid the price for the long-standing mystery of the “White Rabbit” in the Extreme Rules pay-per-view, and as many suspected, it was all done for the return of Bray Wyatt. After almost two years, the “Monster” has returned, and fans have no idea what will happen next. Watt didn’t say much about it, but he briefly broke character after his epic comeback to explain why he returned to the company.

It’s fair to say that Bray Wyatt isn’t as committed to keeping his mysterious and frightening stunt alive as some veterans (like the Undertaker), although it’s rare to see him behave differently than his wrestling image on social media when he’s active. So it was a bit surprising to see that the “Fiend” retweeted a video of an excited little girl excited about his return to Extreme Rules, as well as a short response summarizing why he returned to the company. Watch the useful video and Vyatt’s answer below:

Bray Wyatt surprised some with his chilling return to Extreme Rules, and then immediately turned around and gave such a useful answer to the father of a young fan. This is what catches the eye of his strange and frightening persona, although, to be completely honest, we don’t know exactly what the wrestler has planned for his latest comeback. Of course, this big pay-per-view event implied that more creepy and disturbing things were coming, but perhaps it would have a softer side. After all, what leader of a wrestling cult would not be happy to accept child followers into his ranks?

Even if Bray Wyatt’s recent public comments don’t quite match his personality, it’s hard not to let him pass. It’s been almost two years since WWE rocked the wrestling world with its release, and there have been rumors about why the company has dropped one of its most popular superstars. If it wasn’t clear from the applause when he finally showed his face at the end of the night, the fans are absolutely happy to see him again.

The fun will continue with Bray Wyatt during many upcoming WWE events, and I’d be surprised if we could see him maintaining a healthy social media presence. In fact, WWE has received so many positive reviews with all the QR codes and online videos related to the White Rabbit that I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Wyatt and the new horror writer hired by WWE develop more content for him. put it online. Anyway, wrestling fans might want to keep an eye on him because I’m sure the fun is just beginning when it comes to what the “White Rabbit” will do next.

Monday Night Raw airs on USA Network on Mondays at 20:00. ET. Fans have already been watching with might and main, given all the new changes lately, but with the advent of Bray Wyatt, the need for viewing should be felt even more.


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