WWE 2K22 Locker Codes — Check Out The Latest WWE 2K22 ,Locker Codes Here


WWE 2K22 locker codes are sequences of letters and numbers that you can enter in MyFACTION game mode to unlock sets and cards. In this WWE 2K22 guide, we’ll let you know the latest locker codes released. We will also keep a neat list of all expired locker codes in case you decide that we might have missed any locker codes. So, without further ado:

WWE 2K22 Locker Codes — All active locker codes for MyFACTION

Locker Code Reward Expiry
WWESUPERCARDS8 Emerald Drew McIntyre
Emerald Sasha Banks
Gold Randy Orton
2x Emerald Contracts
NOFLYZONE 65 Emerald Drew Gulak ACTIVE
SURVIVOR2K 1x Neon Horizon Basic Pack
1x Prime Time Series I Basic Pack
1x Equalizers Pack
2x Superstar Series I Packs
1x Forged Series I Pack
3000 MyFACTION Points
SSLAM22 1x Forged Spirit Pack
SUMMERPARTY22 2x Prime Time Series I Packs EXPIRED
HELLINACELL 2x Superstar Series Packs
1x Silver Fighting Spirit Sideplate
Signature Series pack EXPIRED

We will continue to update this list as new locker codes are revealed. These locker codes are available in the game, and they will also be shown to you as a reward for completing the content. The YOUCOMPLETEDGM code is awarded when you complete one MyGM session of any duration, and the NOFLYZONE code is given to you when you pass the game’s learning mode. In any case, you don’t really need to go through these game modes. You can use locker codes at any time. Emerald Manager Triple H gives a good boost to your powerhouses, and 65 Emerald Drew Gulak is a good addition to your faction, as it is more than likely that its characteristics are higher than those of your starting cards. But of course, if you’re reading this right now, you probably already have Deluxe Edition cards on your list, with your nWo 70-something cards, with 76 Emerald Hollywood Hogan and 76 Emerald Undertaker MyFACTION. cards leading the charge.

The SUMMERPARTY22 locker code was added especially for the SummerSlam weekend. This code expires on July 31, 2022, as well as after the completion of SummerSlam. For Clash at the Castle, WWE 2K22 has the code 22CASTLE. Unfortunately, there was no Worlds Collide lock code.

The new locker code has arrived as the latest WWE — EXTREME RULES premium live event.

The locker code for this event is 2KEXTREME22. Players receive an equalizer set featuring Judgment Day leader Finn Balor, who will host an “I’M OUT” match against WWE Legend Edge during the premium live event.

The first batch of new cards that can be unlocked using locker codes appeared when the 8th season of Supercard arrived. The WWESUPERCARDS8 code unlocked three superstars on the theme of supercards: the Emerald Drew McIntyre, the Emerald Sasha Banks and the Golden Randy Orton.

After the paid viewing of Hell in a Cell and just in time for the release of the patch version 1.14 and the DLC Stand Back Pack, a new HELLINACELL code was released, which issued two Superstar Packs and a Sideplate, adding more variety to the players’ lists in MyFACTION.

Along with the free MyFACTION cards, a Stand Back Pack was supplied, as well as a Clowning Around set and, finally, a Whole Dam set. However, since then WWE has not given us many new locker room codes, which is very disappointing.


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