WWE 2K22: Every Locker Code Available (July 2022)


The myFACTION game mode in WWE 2K22 provides players with locker codes that unlock new cards here in July 2022. Collecting the best assortment of cards in myFACTION is extremely important for players to create the best wrestling supergroup. These new locker codes will help players achieve this goal.

The myFACTION game mode in WWE 2K22 is a single—player mode that allows the player to create their own wrestling stable of four wrestlers by collecting wrestler cards. These cards can be upgraded from the original version of the card collected for the player through a multi-level system. This mode is similar to the mode of other 2K games, such as the MyTeam game mode in the NBA 2K series and the Ultimate Team version from EA Sports.

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Although players can unlock and upgrade various cards during the game, they can also use locker codes to collect special cards in WWE 2K22 myFACTION. Each locker code instantly rewards the player with new wrestler cards to use in this game mode. Here are all the available locker codes in July 2022 in WWE 2K22 and how to use them.

Every available locker code in WWE is 2K22 for July 2022

There are currently six codes available for WWE 2K22 players for July 2022:

NOFLYZONE — Entering this locker code in WWE 2K22 activates the emerald card 65 Drew Gulak Emerald for the player. YOUCOMPLETEDGM — Entering this locker code in WWE 2K22 activates the Triple H Emerald Managers card for the player. WWESUPERCARDS8 — Entering this locker code in WWE 2K22 will redeem Emerald Drew McIntyre, Emerald Sasha Banks and Gold Randy Orton cards for the player. The code from the locker in WWE 2K22 activates the Signature Series set. MONEYINTHEBANK – Entering this code from the locker in WWE 2K22 activates the Steel Titans 1 package.

Players can enter these codes into WWE 2K22 in just a few quick steps. Here’s how to use these locker codes:

Step 1. Switch to myFACTION game mode in WWE 2K22. Step 2. Click on the “Activate Locker codes” section. Step 3. Enter any of the above codes. Step 4. Make sure that the code is entered exactly as shown above. (all capital letters, no spaces).Step 5. If entered correctly, the card will appear in the player’s faction.Repeat these steps for any other locker codes available.

These are the simple steps required to start unlocking high-level cards using locker codes. As a rule, these cards will be gold or emerald in the WWE 2K22 myFACTION level system. The order of gemstone levels is as follows:


Although these six locker codes are the only ones currently available in WWE 2K22, new ones will be released periodically throughout the year and players can continue to check here for further updates.