WWE 2K 23 must overcome the fight for the 2K22 roster


WWE 2K22 revived the franchise after years of lackluster releases, giving players an enjoyable WWE game with improved gameplay and the return of game modes like MyGM. However, one area where the game didn’t work well was the lineup, which gave players more limited choices and prevented them from re-playing the game in the long run. WWE 2K23 will need to solve this problem by improving the list size and adding more legends and alternate versions of superstars to give players much more options to choose characters.

The list is a vital part of any WWE game, as it not only affects the variety of wrestlers available to players, but also gives them the opportunity to shape WWE in their own image. From creating custom teams to pitting your favorite legends against each other, correctly determining the size and depth of the lineup is important in order to give players the full experience, and this is where WWE 2K22 fails. Due to the small size of the roster and the lack of legends, the roster of WWE 2K22 needs to be significantly improved in order for WWE 2K23 to be considered a great game.

WWE Roster Size 2K22

At the heart of the fight for the WWE 2K22 roster is the small size of the roster provided to players at the start of the game. The game has just over 180 superstars and 220 after the DLC release. Although this number seems large for a wrestling game, it is considered small compared to other WWE games released by 2K Games. WWE 2K19 and WWE 2K20 had a much larger lineup at launch, and while these games didn’t offer great gameplay, the variety available to players made them more appealing to fans.

WWE 2K19 had a list of 252 superstars, and WWE 2K20 had over 260 superstars, giving players a choice. These figures include a long list of legends that add nostalgic value to the game and give the games a level of depth that WWE 2K22 lacks. WWE 2K23 needs to learn from this and increase the number of superstars available to players at launch, and DLC will significantly increase the size of the list.

Composition depth

Size alone does not describe the lackluster composition of WWE 2K22, as the most disappointing is the absence of Legends. Due to the many notable absences that have been Legend’s main additions to past games, such as Lita, Mr. Perfect and Paul Bearer, WWE 2K22 has lagged far behind in this department. Legends are extremely important in any WWE game, as they evoke a sense of nostalgia among older fans and give younger ones a glimpse into WWE’s past.

Another big area where WWE 2K22 is missing compared to other games in the franchise is alternative versions of WWE superstars. In past games, players have had the opportunity to play as multiple versions of their favorite superstars, showcasing their progress as WWE superstars and giving fans an insight into the rich history they have in the company. However, due to the fact that superstars such as Triple H and Kane lack notable versions, the composition of WWE 2K22 again lags behind its predecessors.

WWE 2K22 is arguably one of the best WWE games released by 2K Games and developer Visual Concepts, but while the game is way ahead of everyone else in the franchise, a poor lineup, both in terms of size and depth, spoils the whole game. . WWE 2K23 will have to ensure that it provides players with a larger pool of superstars, alternate versions of important superstars and a long list of legends to show improvements and be considered the best WWE 2K game.

WWE 2K22 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.


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