WWE 2K 23: 5 Superstars Perfect for the Next Demo Mode


WWE 2K22 was one of the greatest comeback stories that was implemented in almost all departments after the disastrous launch of WWE 2K20. Visual Concepts and 2K Sports finally released a product that gave fans new features, as well as re-introduced and improved old game modes such as MyGM mode. One of the outstanding features of WWE 2K22 was the demo mode, which gave fans a glimpse into the greatest matches in Rey Mysterio’s career, from his fights with Eddie Guerrero to his famous battle with the Undertaker.

WWE 2K23 will need to pick up where it left off to give fans a nice game that will delight them every time they turn it on. While many other game modes are heavily tied to the success of WWE 2K22, Rey Mysterio’s demo mode was a breath of fresh air for the franchise, and fans wondered which superstar would appear in the WWE 2K23 demo mode. From legendary figures like the Undertaker to fan favorites like Randy Orton; 2K Sports and Visual Concepts have a lot of possibilities they can explore for the upcoming game.

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The Undertaker

A superstar with one of the most distinguished careers in WWE, the Undertaker deserves a showcase mode revolving around his WrestleMania series. This will include some of the greatest matches in WrestleMania history, including his fights against Shawn Michaels and Triple H. The Undertaker also has an equally impressive career outside of WrestleMania, so his showcase may also include some of the most popular matches, such as all the “Hell in the Chamber” fights he has participated in. There is no doubt that fans will enjoy the opportunity to play as a Dead Man and watch his interviews about his greatest matches, for example, about how the Rey Mysterio show was organized.

Triple H

Triple H, one of WWE’s most decorated superstars, a future Hall of Fame member and a superstar who was loved and hated in his prime, is arguably the greatest artist to enter the square circle. In the Triple H showcase, one could see his early ascent to the creation of his popular bands, DX and Evolution, and even demonstrate the ascent of his protégé, Randy Orton and Batista. The demo can also be dedicated to the 14 Triple H title champions, most of whom had excellent storylines and rivalries that could be further explored in demo mode.

Randy Orton

Going from one of the most hated superstars on the list to a fan favorite that most other wrestlers fear is never easy, but Randy Orton has shown that sometimes being a bad guy pays off. From the Legendary Killer in the Evolution supergroup to becoming a Viper, Randy Orton has shared the ring with some of the greatest superstars, including countless Hall of Fame members. With some of the greatest storylines under his belt, including the villainous “Legacy” storyline and his feud with the likes of Kofi Kingston and Edge, Randy Orton could be a great superstar to appear in the WWE 2K23 demo mode.

Sean Michaels

A broken—hearted kid, Shawn Michaels is one of the most beloved superstars in WWE, and arguably has more legendary matches than any other person in the industry. From hall of Fame moments to fierce rivalry and the formation of one of the greatest teams, the HBK showcase will be a fantastic addition to WWE 2K23. His time in DX, his rivalry with the Undertaker and Triple H, as well as his legendary Royal Rumble and WrestleMania moments — all of this can get into the game mode.

Brock Lesnar

While he may not be the most decorated or even beloved superstar in WWE, there is no doubt that Brock Lesnar is one of the most dominant superstars in the industry. Lesnar’s career, filled with amazing moments, such as breaking the ring in a fight with Big Show and his iconic victory over the Undertaker, which interrupted the WrestleMania series, made Lesnar’s legendary career, which would be perfect for a showcase. Exploring Lesnar’s early years in WWE as the youngest WWE champion will give fans plenty of moments to relive, including an intense rivalry with Goldberg.

WWE 2K23 has something important, and by following the WWE 2K22 demo mode, it should become bigger than ever before. Improving on what has been done so well is never easy, but WWE lacks great superstars. Regardless of whether WWE 2K23 decides to explore the career of a legendary veteran or one of the recent fan favorites, the demo mode in the next WWE 2K title should be as exciting and eventful as Rey Mysterio’s demo.

WWE 2K23 is currently in development for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.


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