WWE 2K 22 Wrestlers Who Probably Won’t Be In WWE 2K 23


Over the years, WWE has caused a lot of controversy because of how it treated wrestlers and how quickly the company can fire the main characters of the industry. There were several big names on the WWE 2K22 list who were excluded because these wrestlers were no longer in the company, although they had a fairly large fan base. Due to the fact that WWE 2K22 lacks wrestlers like Big Show, Bray Wyatt and Alicia Fox, who were celebrities in the industry, fans are wondering which wrestlers will not succeed in the next installment of the WWE 2K franchise.

After the success of WWE 2K22, fans are looking forward to the release of WWE 2K23, and many hope that their favorite wrestlers will be included in the list. While players have ways to get the missing wrestlers, mostly by creating a character or downloadable characters, excluding some wrestlers means fans won’t be able to fully experience the game with their favorite superstars. Many high-profile superstars have left WWE this year, which probably means they won’t be featured in either WWE 2K23 or any future DLC released for the game.

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Why Superstars Don’t Participate in WWE Games

There are many reasons why a superstar might not appear in a WWE 2K game, the main one being that they have left the company, so WWE no longer has the right to represent them as an official superstar. However, there are several superstars who could join WWE after the list of participants was published, or superstars, especially legends, who participated in other shows. These superstars are also not included in the list of games, which may cause serious concerns among fans who were hoping to try out newcomers and legends in the WWE 2K game. Although the list of superstars who will not be featured in WWE 2K23 continues to grow, fans can be sure that they will still have the opportunity to create their favorite departed wrestlers and even try new talents.

Wrestlers Who May Not Appear in WWE 2K23

The ever-growing list of lost talent for WWE has plagued the company, as many of these wrestlers have moved on to other companies while retaining most of their fan base. Although there is a possibility that such popular wrestlers as Jeff Hardy and Shane McMahon will return to the company in the future, it is more than likely that they will not appear in the upcoming WWE 2K game. This practice has always disappointed fans who were waiting for the opportunity to play with their favorite wrestlers after they left WWE and relive all their favorite moments.

WWE Superstars and Legends Who Most Likely Won’t Appear in WWE 2K23:

Alexander Wolf Aria Daivari Billy Kay Brown Strowman Cesaro Danny Birch Amber Moon Fandago Gran Metalik Isaiah “Swerve” Scott Jeff Hardy John Morrison Calisto Carrion Cross Keith Lee Kushida Kyle O’Reilly Lana Lines Dorado Mia Yim Nia Jax Onei Lorcan Peyton Royce Payback Samoa Joe Shan McMahon Slapjack Brian Kendrick Timothy Thatcher Tony Storm Tyler Breeze William Regal

While the final list may differ from this, fans will have to wait for the official release of the list to find out if their favorite superstar or legend will make it to WWE 2K23. The main concerns about the safety of wrestlers and job security have always been what fans have criticized WWE for, but the company continues to change its live cast, adding new talents, but firing famous, aging or small superstars. Fortunately, WWE 2K games have always had a great community and a packaged character creation kit that can help fans attract their favorite wrestlers if they didn’t make the list.

WWE 2K23 is currently in development for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.