WWDITS Star Responds to Potential Guillermo & Nandor Novel Storyline

Just in time for the new season, the star of “What we Do in the Shadows” Harvey Guillen talks about the possibility of a romantic connection between a pair of characters beloved by fans, Guillermo and Nandor. The show, which is a spin-off of the cult 2014 film of the same name by Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement, has proved extremely successful for FX and Hulu in three seasons. Last night, the premiere of the 4th season of “What we Do in the Shadows” took place, launching another energetic and fun series in which Nandor (Kayvan Novak) will find love, Laszlo (Matt Berry) will take care of the reborn Colin Robinson (Mark Proksh) and much more.
One of the constant aspects of the series was the development of interpersonal relationships of the Staten Island clan. Laszlo and Nadia’s (Natasha Demetriou) marriage seemed stronger than ever until he decided to leave her side en route to England in the Season 3 finale, which could have consequences for the couple in season 4. Laszlo justifies his oversight of Colin Robinson, for whose childhood form he now feels responsible after their promising friendship ended after Colin’s “death”. Finally, Guillermo’s close bond with Nandor, his vampire master, was revived after a season full of adversity led to conflict.
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Guillermo and Nandor’s relationship has been the subject of fandom for “Shadows” viewers for many years, and many wanted a romantic connection between the host and the familiar. Guillen now discusses Guillermo’s uncertain sexuality and his possible romance with Nandor in an interview with W magazine. He confirms that all vampires in the series are homosexuals, and does not rule out possible human-vampire relationships in future episodes. Check out the full quote below:
It’s a totally weird show. All vampires are weird, and we haven’t officially heard about it from any of the people in the series because they deal with human emotions. We’ll see [Guillermo] asking himself questions, and that’s fine. The search for comfort in your own skin has no expiration date.
Guillen slyly avoids referring specifically to the romantic storyline of “Nandermo”, but there is no doubt about the unique connection between them. Guillen and Novak’s recent trip to Disney. TikTok’s video showed fans how strong the chemistry between the two actors is, an element of the show that has been evident since the first season. Actor Guillermo hints at his journey this season, indicating that he will have to look inside himself. feel comfortable in your body. This statement probably refers to his sexual orientation and the character’s feelings for Nandor, which he has not yet identified as romantic or platonic for Shadow viewers.
There is no doubt that vampires are queers, they openly talked about their sexual experiences with different genders and races throughout the movie “What we Do in the Shadows”. This fact opens up the possibility that Nandor will have a romantic interest in Guillermo, despite the trailer for the fourth season of WWDITS showing that he is looking for a new wife. However, as Guillen notes, the human emotions depicted in the series are much more complex, probably due to their relatively limited time on Earth. Guillermo and Nandor can become closer if the former finally comes to terms with his feelings in season 4.