Wuhan, Zero Point of Corona Virus, Gradually Returning to Normal


Life is slowly returning to normal in Wuhan, China, the zero point of the new type of corona virus COVID-19. In a statement made by the authorities, it was stated that a decision was taken for some companies in the city to be operational again.

The new type of corona virus outbreak that first erupted in Wuhan, Hubei province, in the central parts of China, has caused the death of 4,284 people worldwide. While the virus has been known to infect more than 120,000 people to date, more than half of these people managed to get rid of the disease.

Yesterday, with the first cases reported in Turkey as Covidien-19, known as virus infected rose to 110 the number of countries. However, more than 90 percent of all cases reported in the world so far are in only four countries, namely China, Italy, Iran and South Korea.

Wuhan, where the deadly epidemic first appeared, was quarantined and disconnected from the outside world after China declared a national crisis. The Beijing government, which was at the center of the reactions with its attitude towards hiding the epidemic in the early days, has managed to minimize the extent of the epidemic as much as possible thanks to the extraordinary measures it took in a short time.

In a statement made by the Chinese authorities, it was stated that some companies, especially in the field of public services and health, were decided to continue their activities in Wuhan. It was stated that the said companies will work on public services and meeting the daily needs of the public. The remaining companies are expected to be given a work permit after 20 March.

Wuhan, the city with the highest number of cases and deaths due to the corona virus in China, will be freed from the appearance of the ghost city with the loosening of security measures. According to the Reuters news agency, only 19 new cases of corona viruses were detected in China on Monday. In addition, no new COVID-19 cases have been encountered outside of Hubei province for three days. Finally, the Beijing government announced that all hospitals temporarily established in Wuhan city will be closed to deal with the fatal epidemic.


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