Wrexham AFC Women’s Victory Turns Into a Champagne Party for Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenny


Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenny have done their best for their Wrexham AFC football club. The two co-owners have redefined what it means to be supportive leaders since they bought the Welsh football club. While money was previously invested, the actor and producer duo continued to invest time, care and support to the entire club. They cheered their team on after every small loss and celebrated every good move. Finally, the two of them had a real reason to celebrate.

Although Reynolds and McElhenny are the owners of a football club, at their core they are also ordinary football fans. Which means they drink champagne when their team wins. Without breaking tradition, Reynolds and Rob McElhenny celebrated heartily when Wrexham Football Club celebrated two monumental achievements.

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenny celebrate promotion with champagne

The actor of “Green Lantern” and the producer of “It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia” set an example with their constant support for their team, especially the women’s team. When the Hollywood pioneers made it clear that taking the Wrexham FC women’s soccer team to a new level would be a priority. And they proved it when the women of Wrexham FC lifted the trophy as the champions of Genero Adran North and became a semi-professional team. A huge crowd of almost ten thousand people gathered to see them perform this feat. They were also blessed with images of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenny celebrating with their champagne.

Earlier this month, the Green Lantern actor called on his 48.4 million Instagram followers to show up at the racetrack to support the Wrexham FC women’s team. And he set an example by bringing not only his wife, but also four children, including a newborn, to see how the girls reach this milestone. When the team lifted the trophy, Reynolds and McElhenny celebrated in the only right way by drinking champagne.

Will the Wrexham AFC men’s team rise?

The Welsh football club broke stereotypes as the women’s team paved the way for promotion. However, the Wrexham AFC men’s team is not far behind. The owners named the Football League as their goal. And with the appearance of the famous goalkeeper Ben Foster, their path not only to the National League title, but also to the Football League title seems obvious.

Wrexham AFC is three points ahead of Notts County and leads the National League. Fans are waiting for the owners to drink another promotional champagne soon.

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