WRC 9, analysis Xbox One, PS4 and Pc


WRC 9 lands on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. A fairly continuous delivery but one that is still extremely fun to drive.

We are preparing, in just over a month, to analyze a third driving game on MeriStation. In this case we are talking about a somewhat continuous ralis title but that is at least fun enough to invest our savings in it. We are talking about WRC 9, Kylotonn’s proposal that arrives on PlayStation 4, Xbox One —the platform analyzed—, computers, Nintendo Switch in November and for next-generation consoles.

In the past we saw that WRC 8 improved substantially compared to its predecessors, something that is considered normal due to the cooking time that this video game had with respect to its seventh part. Now, with a year of difference between the eighth and WRC 9, we look closely to see if there has been improvement in the latter.

Same dog …

WRC 9 is, what is often said, the same dog with a different collar. There are news, yes, but the video game suffers from an extreme classic continuity that has made former players of the franchise want to leave this ninth installment on the shelf. However, this statement is as true as that the game continues in its constant annual struggle to improve and improve.

In the absence of a version for Nintendo Switch that will arrive soon and those dedicated to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, the content of the video game is very similar to last year. We once again have a highly recommended Career mode where you will spend whole afternoons in it. There is a lot to configure in this game mode, from unlocking a physiotherapist who improves team performance, a financial advisor who works wonders with the money obtained or improvements for the car that we drive. There is no substantial improvement over WRC 8 although there is an advanced skill tree and some other additions. The typical recurring mode in driving games where we start from scratch until we are full-fledged drivers.


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