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World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic

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Shamans are a very versatile class in World of Warcraft Classic. They cast powerful elemental spells and bring a unique set of buffs in the form of totems. They have 3 different play styles, each of which is suitable for any content in WoW Classic: WotLK. Three specializations for shamans: Elemental (Ele) — spell damage caster, Enhancement (Enh) — a hybrid of melee combat and spell damage, and Recovery (Resto) — an auxiliary specialization for healing.

Shaman Changes in Wotlk

There are many new changes for shamans in Wrath Classic, mainly totem changes, and many of them are welcomed by quality of life changes. Here are some of the new features that shamans get in WotLK:

All shamans

Heroism/Bloodlust now extends to the entire raid. 3 totem presets allow shamans to customize totems that will be played in one global cooldown. This can be done to turn on one, two, three or all four totems at the same time. The call of the elements, the Call of the ancestors, the Call of the spirits are studied at 30, 40 and 50 levels, respectively. Wind Shear is a new interrupt, separated from Earth Shock. Hex is a curse that controls enemies in a crowd. The Relic equipment slot replaces all those totems that take up space in the bag in your inventory and are placed in the equipment slot of the thrown object. Fire shock depends on speed, and damage over time can be critical. The Ring of Fire Totem is replaced by a Ring of Fire spell to instantly apply AoE to any fire totem. The Earth Power Totem now also provides agility (in conjunction with DC). The Wind Rage Totem gives a speed buff in melee combat (together with Frost Dk). The Stone Claw totem provides a shield for other totems. The Stone Skin Totem provides armor instead of reducing the damage received.

The Elemental

El Shamans get 2 new skills: “Lava Ejection” and “Thunderstorm”. This gives them more variations with skill rotation and more opportunities for quick damage, as well as for dropping by area. Some improvement in the quality of life due to less repulsion of spells from the Eye of the Storm talent and a reduction in the recovery time of chain lightning from Storm, Earth and Fire. The Anger Totem is now used instead of the Flame Tongue Totem to increase the chance of a critical spell. Earthbind Totem can now also immobilize targets with Storm, Earth, and Fire, providing much-needed crowd control in PvP.


Resto-shamans can now treat poisons, diseases and curses with one talent “Purification of the Spirit”. There are also many talents that provide the best treatment criteria, mana efficiency, and targeted treatment for low-health targets. Riptide is a powerful new instant healing with gradual healing. Earthliving Weapon infuses weapons to improve healing and minor healing over time.


3 new skills from talents change the style of play for Enh Shamans, Lava Lash, Maelstrom Weapon and Feral Spirit. Messing with the right totems is no longer a problem, as buffs are more optimized and are also provided by other classes. With the preservation of mana, there are no problems due to Shamanic rage and many other talents.

The best race options for a shaman

Although racial traits are not an important component of the overall effectiveness of the class, each of them has minor drawbacks. We will tell you in detail about each race, and you will decide for yourself.


In PvE content, trolls are usually more common among all types of shamans.

Resto-shamans usually choose a Troll, since the main advantage for them is a Berserker. Improvement can go with either an Orc or a Troll, however, the Orc’s traits of Axe specialization and Command give them a slight advantage. An Elemental can go with a Troll or an Orc, but usually most players choose a Troll for a Berserker.

In PvP, orcs and Tauren are preferable to trolls because of Hardiness and War Stomp, respectively.


Specialization in the axe passively increases the mastery of brass knuckles, an axe and a two-handed axe. This benefits Enhancement more than other specifications. Blood Rage is an active skill that increases Shamans’ melee and spell damage by 15 seconds and has a 2—minute cooldown. This is a nice little buff that both Enh and Ele can use when more explosive damage is needed. Durability reduces the duration of stun effects; this is great for Player vs. Player (PvP) cases, but also has a few rare cases for Player vs. Environment (PvE). Finally, they have Command, which increases the damage done by pets, including damage from elementals caused by totems, and Feral Spirit specialization Enh.


Troll regeneration passively increases the rate of health regeneration even in combat.


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